What’s your resolution?

A new year has just begun.

For many people it’s a time of reflection, checks and balances. Just like every year, most of us will make resolutions, express wishes, search for guidance to get rid of the past and look ahead. By the way, it’s always at the beginning of a new year, on a Monday, on our birthday that we let the change start. We usually make resolutions starting from day 1 or an a special date. Never noticed? Why is it so?  Our mind uses these tricks to sustain its goals, to mark a new beginning. Because we need magic. It’s a ritual. On the same rituals religions are base.

Let’s be clear. There is nothing intrinsically bad. At all. Making plans can be quite therapeutic. And by the way, you can start making changes any time, not just on day 1. All you need is a what I call a clear vision, the source of any committed actions.

So what is your resolution for this year? Have you made your bucket list already?

Here is the thing. What if you don’t make a list this year?

Why don’t you make the only resolution of not having any resolution at all? What if you simply open your heart to what is there, to whatever may come? This openness, this conscious choice of non-interference is what Buddhism calls equanimity.

Resolutions create expectations, which can be disappointed. Expectations are a form of judgment, a form of attachment. They preclude the experience of Unexpected Joy. The antidote is what I call the Curiosity of the Heart. Why don’t we go through this year together, like children in a huge candy shop?

Why don’t we just say Come what may, I embrace it!

Isn’t it liberating?


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