Contemplative Counselling

Contemplative Counselling Sessions

a journey to self-healing through meditation, Eastern philosophies

and Western neuroscience


I welcome you in Brussels, on appointment in 2 locations

Woluwe Saint Pierre

Centre Les Magnolias

Rue Mareyde 35


Avenue Guillaume Herinckx 55


Monday all day (meditation classes at 7 pm in WSP) – Tuesday to Friday after 7 pm- Saturday from 9 to 5


Why counselling?

Counselling is a form of psycho-social support based on a genuine human relationship between a counsellor and a person seeking guidance. Unlike other forms of psychological help, a counsellor taps into a wide spectrum of humanistic and scientific disciplines, acting as a guide to uncover the answers you already carry inside you.

Why contemplative counselling?

Being holistic, Contemplative Counselling has a different approach to mental health and wellbeing than Western therapy alone.  By using meditation and other contemplative practices as a tool for introspection, a contemplative counsellor offers you guidance to dis-identify with your neurosis and transform suffering into a journey of self-healing.

We all attach, refuse, deny. Attachment, anger and ignorance are poisons. But Buddhist philosophy teaches there is more than suffering. Teaches us that the mirror is originally clean. Beyond the troubles of a busy mind lies your true nature: a brilliant sanity.

In my role as a contemplative counsellor I offer you to discover meditation as a tool for self-healing. Based on Buddhist teachings about the nature of the mind as supported by Western neuroscience, I offer you guidance to rediscover your innate sanity. 

I work particularly with:

  • young people in transition phase (undergraduate students, young professionals)
  • expats experiencing cultural adaptation problems
  • persons of all ages and backgrounds on a personal development path
  • persons of all ages and backgrounds who want to discover meditation as an individual self-healing practice
  • persons at a turning point in their lives who experience anxiety and emotional troubles

A contemplative counselling session always comprises:

  • 10 min of mindful movements to reconnect with your body
  • 10 to 20 min of guided meditation, an occasion to reconnect to the experience of the present moment to make space for what deserves your attention
  • speaking therapy: a guided talk on whatever your meditation revealed
  • individual exercises and resources for personal practice and self-guidance
  • a safe and confidential environment of trust and human connectedness where we can grow together

Read more on my approach.




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