Nepal (a new Travel of the Soul)

When I walked in the Embassy of Nepal the other day with my visa application form duly filled in, I guess that was the moment when I realised my departure is approaching. The same feeling embraced me as in 2012, when I was standing in front of the huge timetable chart at Charles de Gaulle Airport, only 2 hours before my flight to New Delhi. I’ve got the feeling this journey, solo this time, will be as transformative as my first, life-changing visit to Asia.

In a week from now, I’ll embark on a new journey, this time up to the roof of the world: Nepal.  After visiting some good friends in the capital, I’ll be travelling around the Kathmandu Valley to eventually see with my own eyes iconic places like Bodhnath, Bhaktapur and Patan, in a journey which already has the taste of a pilgrimage through the sacred places of Buddhism. With my rucksack and my insatiable wanderlust as unique companions, I’ll give in to the unspeakable and all-encompassing spirituality of Nepal, talking to people, trying to imagine how life was for them before the devastating earthquake of 2015. I’ll also meet some local NGOs to bring back some of their experiences, listen to their stories and build from there a bridge with the West, once I’ll be back.

But my journey has a second goal. After a week of explorations,  I’ll spend 10 days at Kopan Monastery for a new training in Buddhist philosophy and psychology, with the Himalayas within eye-reach. I am sure this is going to be another transformative Travel of the Soul.

If you want to follow my journey, come back to these pages from time to time. I want to share with you my impressions, let you travel with me and give you a chance to experience the spirituality of Nepal. Maybe my journey will inspire you, maybe I’ll be able to ignite you with a new sense of quest.

May this journey benefit me all other beings I’ll be meeting on my way.

Wish me luck on this new Travel of the Soul.



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