Emotional Awareness

“There is no magic trick to ridding ourselves of negative emotions. We must confront and overcome them through internal analysis and meditation and with a great deal of patience. Realising the destructive nature of negative emotions and understanding that their causes always lie latent in our minds, we begin the practice of reducing them and lessening their influence on our lives”.

– Geshe Tashi Tsering

Learn how meditation can help you reconnect with your emotions, name and finally let go of them, as they arise. Tapping into the timeless wisdom of Buddhist philosophy as well as into recent developments from contemplative neuroscience, we will explore our most fundamental emotions: anger, fear, happiness, attachment and aversion.

Through guided meditations and talks, we will learn what Buddhism and evolutionary science tell us about emotions and how to cope with the negative ones while cultivating those that are most beneficial.

5 Tuesdays, starting from 25 April with the following calendar:

25/4 : Understanding emotions: Buddhism meets science
2/5: Working with anger
9/5: Attachment and aversion are one
16/5: How bad is fear?
30/5: Cultivating Love and Compassion

Where? Centre Les Magnolias, rue Mareyde 35, Woluwe Saint Lambert, Brussels

Participation fees: 70 euros / 15 euro drop-in classes

Info and registration: be@themindsquare.org / 0471 29 31 34


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