Ayurveda and Meditation between East and West

Discover the alternative view on health taken by Ayurveda and how meditation can improve your body-mind balance during this one-day workshop.

Both Ayurveda and meditation are thousand-year-old practices which propose a different, more holistic approach to human and cosmic life. Only in recent times the Western world discovered this timeless wisdom coming from the East. Yet when two different world views meet, many questions arise… During this workshop you will have unique chance to know more about Ayurveda and meditation at the junction with our Western world, through inspiring talks, practical exercises and resource sharing.

You can chose to join us for the entire day or to attend the modules according to your interests


10-10.30: meditation session

10.30-13 : the principles of Ayurveda: Doshas, Gunas and the basic precepts of Ayurvedic nutrition

13-14.15: Ayurvedic lunch (optional)

14.30-16: An introduction to meditation between East and West, with insights from Buddhist philosophy and neuroscience, breathing meditation exercises

This workshop is co-hosted by Ayurvedagantha – Clara Campanelli, Ayurvedic Practitioner and The Mind Square – Mirko Coleschi, Contemplative Counsellor.

Participation fees:

70 EUR/ entire day (teachings + lunch)

35 EUR/ single modules

lunch solo: 15 EUR

Few spots available (max 15 persons, to allow an authentic and enriching experience)

Please enrol by 15 September at the latest: be@themindsquare.org / 0471 29 31 34

Join our Facebook event for last-minute updates and extra content sharing.

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