Developing Self Care

SATURDAY 9 DECEMBER 10 AM - 4.30 PM AVENUE DE L'HELICE 11 BRUSSELS Nature has equipped our human body with an amazing set of resources for self-healing. Yet it is our responsibility to develop self-attunement, listen to our organism and live mindfully to facilitate this process. With their strong focus on prevention and self-care, the… Continua a leggere Developing Self Care

(re)Connect – Meditation retreat in Tuscany

(re)Connect to your (higher) self, to other fellow humans and to Nature during this experiential retreat immersed in the colours of the Tuscan contryside in autumn. Through mindful yoga, meditation, creative visualisations and inspiring talks we will learn how to cultivate wholesome mental states while getting rid of the unwholesome ones in body, speech and… Continua a leggere (re)Connect – Meditation retreat in Tuscany

Ayurveda and Meditation between East and West

Discover the alternative view on health taken by Ayurveda and how meditation can improve your body-mind balance during this one-day workshop. Both Ayurveda and meditation are thousand-year-old practices which propose a different, more holistic approach to human and cosmic life. Only in recent times the Western world discovered this timeless wisdom coming from the East.… Continua a leggere Ayurveda and Meditation between East and West

Stress Management for interpreters

TITLE: Stress management and emotional resilience for interpreters DURATION: FULL DAY - 6 hours NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS: up to 20 DATE : 1 JULY 2017 WHERE: ISIT Intercultural School, Paris DESCRIPTION: Conference interpreting has been ranked as one of the most stressful professions of our times, beside civil aviation. But whereas pilots cannot control the weather or… Continua a leggere Stress Management for interpreters

This journey will never end

Snow flakes come down from a milky sky as light as summer dust. They make their way slowly to the frozen ground, out of my window in Brussels. As I am contemplating this scene while writing these words, the mild winter of the Kathmandu Valley seems as remote as day and night. Yet to me… Continua a leggere This journey will never end

Nepal (a new Travel of the Soul)

When I walked in the Embassy of Nepal the other day with my visa application form duly filled in, I guess that was the moment when I realised my departure is approaching. The same feeling embraced me as in 2012, when I was standing in front of the huge timetable chart at Charles de Gaulle Airport, only 2 hours before… Continua a leggere Nepal (a new Travel of the Soul)

Contemplative Counselling

Contemplative Counselling Sessions a journey to self-healing through meditation, Eastern philosophies and Western neuroscience   I welcome you in Brussels, on appointment in 2 locations Woluwe Saint Pierre Centre Les Magnolias Rue Mareyde 35 Uccle Avenue Guillaume Herinckx 55 CONSULTATION HOURS Monday all day (meditation classes at 7 pm in WSP) - Tuesday to Friday after 7 pm- Saturday… Continua a leggere Contemplative Counselling