Contemplative Counselling

“Health comes first: sickness is secondary. Health is. So being healthy is being fundamentally wholesome, with body and mind synchronised in a state of being which is indestructible and good.”  

– Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche

What is counselling

Counselling is a form of psycho-social support based on a genuine human relationship between a counsellor and a person seeking help. Through human qualities like active listening and empathy, a counselling relationship creates a protected communication environment, where a person can use their  natural introspection to understand themselves and autonomously find a solution to their problems.

The counsellor’s role is not to diagnose or label, but rather to support a client’s introspection with a therapeutical mix of specific knowledge and human skills, among which empathy plays a central role.

Why Contemplative Counselling

In my practice, I tap into Contemplative Counselling, which combines the therapeutic traditions of the West with the Buddhist teachings on self-knowledge. It takes a different approach to mental health than traditional psychology alone and focuses on the concept of “brilliant sanity”, the innate state of wisdom about the true nature of all things.

I offer you guidance to get rid of the confusion, attachment and ignorance which poison our life. In doing so, the practice of sati (mindfulness) and other Buddhist meditations and contemplative practices is one of the core tools I use. Every counselling session is an invitation to introspection, to reconnect with your body and your emotional states, in order to find the path to your innate intuitional wisdom (prajna).

What I do

My personal mission as a counsellor is to help people grow mindfully in order to live a fulfilling life, starting from the present moment. I am not a psychotherapist, I offer a guidance to self-healing through the practice of meditation and by sharing with my clients the holistic wisdom of Eastern philosophies, as validated by Western neuroscience .

I work particularly with:

  • young people in transition phase (undergraduate students, young professionals)
  • expats experiencing cultural adaptation problems
  • persons of all ages and backgrounds on a personal development path
  • persons of all ages and backgrounds who want to discover meditation as an individual self-healing practice
  • persons at a turning point in their lives who experience anxiety and emotional troubles

A contemplative counselling session always comprises:

  • 10 min of mindful movements to reconnect with your body
  • 10 to 20 min of guided meditation, an occasion to reconnect to the experience of the present moment to make space for what deserves your attention
  • speaking therapy: a guided talk on whatever your meditation revealed
  • individual exercises and resources for personal practice and self-guidance
  • a safe and confidential environment of trust and human connectedness where we can grow together

I perform my helping mission with a genuine human commitment, through individual counselling sessions, group training and retreats, but also through volunteering for local non-profit organisations around me. I help others with tools that helped me develop inner peace and that I apply day by day. So what I teach is nothing else but my experience of suffering and self-healing sustained by many years of study.

I offer my counselling support in English, French, Italian and Polish.


Avenue Guillaume Herinckx 54, Uccle


Centre Les Magnolias, rue Mareyde 35, Woluwe Saint Lambert

For more information or to set an appointment: / 0471 293134