Restfulness generates a clear vision, which in turn generates more peace.  This dynamic process is what we call meditation.  

– Hervé Clerc

According to the Buddhist teachings, our mind has two layers: a troubled surface and a peaceful depth.

Meditation is the practice of seeing the surface, taking distance and reconnecting to that deeper, peaceful dimension. This is the place where we can rediscover joy, connectedness and serenity as innate elements of our basic goodness – our brilliant sanity, as Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche called it.

In a life full of distractions and vanity, meditation is a journey inwards, to the simplicity that lies within. By developing awareness of the experience of the present moment, starting from our breath, we make space for what is there. By allowing our busy mind to settle down, things appear as they really are. A clear vision can thus emerge (prajna – intuitive wisdom) which gives us the empowering faculty to distinguish from what we can change (committed action) and what we should simply let go (acceptance).

In the Buddhist tradition this experience is called samadhi (meditative absorption).

Tapping into the wisdom of Buddhist philosophy and other contemplative traditions as validated by Western neuroscience, I offer you to discover different meditation techniques as a path towards self-healing.

You can make this experience with me during my group meditation sessions or with an individual guided practice.

Some of the contemplative practices I guide