Mindfulness Brussels

Mindfulness is our innate capacity to bring our attention gently to the unfolding of any experience as it manifests, without judgment. Every moment something happens inside and outside us. But instead of reacting we can stop, observe, and then act mindfully in a way which is more beneficial to us and others. Mindfulness is an innate quality of our mind, yet it can be cultivated, as Buddhist philosophy invites us to do.

Since the late ’70, mindfulness has been at the core of therapeutical and psycho-educational programmes for stress management and emotional wellbeing. The Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction protocol by Jon Kabat-Zinn was originally developed in a clinical setting in Massachusetts, US, to alleviate the suffering of people with chronic pain. Nowadays the MBSR protocol and its successive developments are applied successfully in settings as diverse as hospitals, prisons, schools, public and private organisations. Millions of people benefited from it. Since the years 2000s, neuroscience has largely validated the benefits of the holistic approach of mindfulness for conditions such as:

  • generalised anxiety
  • sleeping and eating disorders
  • depression
  • burn-out

Mindfuness-based interventions are today fully recognised and refunded by many welfare systems in Europe as a preventive health practice and a subsidiary tool for psychotherapy.

A Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction training combines sitting and walking meditation, gentle yoga postures, pedagogical content and guided reflections. However it is first of all an invitation to take care of ourselves by cultivating introspection and well-being with curiosity and loving kindness.

Who can benefit from it

People affected by high levels of stress and anxiety caused by both physical and psychological conditions and all those who want to learn how to manage emotions differently.

The structure

The MBSR training spans over 8 weeks, with 1 session of 2 hours every week. Between the sessions, participants are assigned formal practices and informal exercises to be performed daily for about 45 minutes. An full-day training in form of retreat completes the training. Due to the experiential nature of an MBSR training, a commitment is required to unleash the full benefits of mindfulness practice as validated by modern neuroscience. Let a clear intention and loving kindness go hand in hand next to you when practicing mindfulness.

Main objectives

During the training we will do our best to:

• learn how to acknowledge and manage your emotions and flow of thoughts
• explore the connections between body and mind
• recognise and modify unhealthy mental patterns
• learn how to identify, welcome and face stressors
• foster healthier interpersonal relations
• cultivate loving kindness for yourself and others


when: Monday evening, 7-9 pm on 9, 16, 23, 30 April, 7, 14, 21 May, 4 June

+ full day on Saturday 19 May

where: L’Harmonium – comptoir culturel, rue Vanderkindere 293 1180 Uccle, Brussels

Info session: Tuesday 20 March, 7-8 pm at Avenue G. Herinckx 54, Uccle

The training will be given in English.

cost: 270 EUR* covering 8-week programme, intensive day and guiding materials (audio files with guided meditations, readings)

Maximum number of participants admitted: 12.

Being a psycho-educational programme requiring commitment and a genuine intention by all participants, the participation in an MBSR protocol is subject to an individual assessment by the instructor.

Info and enrolments: be@themindsquare.org / 0471 293134

* if you feel that you might benefit from mindfulness but sincerely have no means to cover the cost of this training, just write to me and we will find a solution.