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My Blog

The Mind Square was originally born as a public blog around spirituality, education, social issues and personal growth. Since 2012, I have been sharing useful materials like news, personal essays, articles and inspiring quotations. You can access my old blog here.

Mindfulness, meditation and therapy

  • Mindful Work by New York Times reporter David Gelles
  • MBCT protocol (Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy) reference book by psychotherapists Zindel V. Segal, John D. Teasdale and J. Mark G. Williams
  • TED Talk given by Segal on MBCT as a depression relapse defence
  • The Mind’s Own Physician, by HH the 14th Dalai Lama, J. Kabat-Zinn and R. Davidson

Contemplative Psychology and Neuroscience

Introduction to Buddhism

  • Buddhism plain and simple, by S. Hagen
  • The restful mind, a new way of thinking, a new way of life, by G. Dokhampa
  • Transformation and healing, by Thich Nhat Hahn

Training centres and meditation retreats

My partners in helping others

  • Geraldine is a passionate MBSR and MBCT trainer. With her social business, A Lotus Seed, she promotes mental and physical well-being through mindfulness training workshops, both for individuals and companies.
  • Emergences is the reference association for mindfulness training addressed to French-speaking public in Brussels. With them, I followed a Mindfulness-Based Stress reduction  training. Not only do they organise 8-week MBSR training regularly, but they also offer thematic training seminars and follow-up workshops to sustain your daily practice.
  • If you are Polish or happen to be in Cracow, you should meet Ada, AKA Wysokie Wibracje (High Vibes). She is a friend and soulmate. We share the same calling and she helped me to discover the joy of helping others get to their own well-being. She does so via a wide palette of workshops ranging from Vedic Art to craniosacral therapy. She also organises healing retreats to Tuscany and Bali once per year.
  • “Let food be your first medicine and kitchen be your first pharmacy.” Clara Campanelli-Guillet is a good friend and a passionate Ayurvedic Practitioner. She has followed an in-depth training in this holistic medicine since 2000, both in Europe and India. With her private practice Ayurveda Gantha, she is committed in sustaining people’s well-being by promoting a healthy lifestyle which encompasses all human dimension: physical and mental health, but also emotions and spirituality.