(re)Connect – Meditation retreat in Tuscany

(re)Connect to your (higher) self, to other fellow humans and to Nature during this experiential retreat immersed in the colours of the Tuscan contryside in autumn. Through mindful yoga, meditation, creative visualisations and inspiring talks we will learn how to cultivate wholesome mental states while getting rid of the unwholesome ones in body, speech and… Continua a leggere (re)Connect – Meditation retreat in Tuscany

Contemplative Counselling

Contemplative Counselling Sessions a journey to self-healing through meditation, Eastern philosophies and Western neuroscience   I welcome you in Brussels, on appointment in 2 locations Woluwe Saint Pierre Centre Les Magnolias Rue Mareyde 35 Uccle Avenue Guillaume Herinckx 55 CONSULTATION HOURS Monday all day (meditation classes at 7 pm in WSP) - Tuesday to Friday after 7 pm- Saturday… Continua a leggere Contemplative Counselling

Meditation Classes in Brussels

Meditation classes and workshops are organised regularly throughout the year. Here you can find the latest updates about all of them. Weekly guided meditations take place at Centre Les Magnolias in Brussels (Woluwé Saint Lambert). 25 APRIL - 30 MAY 2017 7 - 8.10 pm Meditation and Emotional Awareness 5 lessons to explore the therapeutical applications of… Continua a leggere Meditation Classes in Brussels